Translating legal documents demands exceptional levels of accuracy and attention to detail. It requires a precise understanding of legal terminology and how to replicate it into another national legal system.

Otherwise you risk meaning being left open to interpretation and legal rights put in jeopardy. Put simply, there is no room for error.

Legal concepts and the meaning of key terms can vary between countries. Should they be translated inaccurately it can sabotage business deals and jeopardise your legal rights in a court of law.

All our translators are screened and selected for their knowledge of legal nomenclature, the context of key terms and the legal system of the country for which the translated document is required.
This ensures that translated documents convey the precise meaning of the original, and will be correctly interpreted in all legal proceedings.


Expertise areas

We provide translation services across a large number of legal areas with a strong focus on Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademark), Corporate and Commercial law.

On the right sidebar, you will find a list of the most requested legal specialized areas.




Because of court dates, contract deadlines or any other business event, urgent and mandatory deadlines are very common in legal matters.
Our daily capacity for a single language and expertise area is about 3.000 words (i.e. 12 pages of 250 words each). For large projects with tight deadlines, we are able to divide project’s documents amongst a team of specialised translators, bringing the daily capacity up to 15.00 words (i.e. 60 pages).



Quality assurance

The quality of our translations is assured with multiple levels of quality assurance checks. For further details, please visit our dedicated page on quality assurance.




Any combination between European, Middle East or Asian languages.



Confidentiality and data security

At Mercury we take confidentiality seriously. For further details, please visit our dedicated page on confidentiality and data security.



Certified and sworn translations

We provide both certified and sworn translations for any legal requirement coming from foreign government authorities or academic institutions.




  • 21 years experience of translating complex legal documents
  • Best translators and reviewers in the industry
  • Premium pricing plan (including 3-level quality assurance checks to guarantee accuracy)
  • European, Middle East and Asian languages
  • Fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines
  • Optimized daily capacity for large multilingual projects with tight deadlines
  • Stringent standards of confidentiality & data security protection



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