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Patent litigation translations

Patent litigation translations

Complex legal issues hinge on the correct interpretation of every word and the precise meaning of a sentence.
Poorly translated documents, which are open to ambiguity and misinterpretation, put you at risk of patent infringements you can’t challenge and the threat of damages claims.

Translating patent litigation documents is a very demanding task. Translated documents must convey the precise meaning of the original in order to be correctly interpreted in all legal proceedings.

Furthermore, these documents are a mix of technical, legal and patent terminology and wording.

That’s why only highly skilled translators should be used along with multi level quality assurance checks: proofreading by an internal linguist, a technical and legal review by a lawyer and finally a source-to-target review by a senior translator.

Our team comprises of the best translators and reviewers in the industry.
The reviewers we rely on are international lawyers that have been carefully selected for their experience and knowledge of patent litigation issues.


We offer:

  • Any combination between English, German and French
  • Premium pricing plan for patent litigation (including 3-level quality assurance checks)
  • Best translators and reviewers in the industry
  • International lawyers as legal reviewers
  • Fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines
  • Optimized daily capacity for large multilingual projects with tight deadlines
  • Stringent standards of confidentiality & data security protection


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