Mercury Translations is a translation service provider built on the combined talents of its two founders.

It was launched in 1997 by Loredana Ubalducci, an expert linguist with many years experience in the translation’s management field, and Roberto Jobet, a translator and computer IT specialist.

Their combination of linguistic skills and IT knowledge has helped shape Mercury into the specialised translation service provider it is today.

It’s a provider built on the ethos of quality above all else. Instead of generalised translation work, Mercury focuses on producing documents where accuracy and precision are fundamental to its validity.

Mercury’s core management team is based at its head office in Brescia (Italy) with a sales office in Toronto (Canada).

This team is then supported by a network comprising of over 500 of the most experienced and qualified translators in the industry.
Every document they produce is thoroughly checked and its accuracy verified by a team of 150 reviewers and proofreaders, all of whom have specific knowledge of the chosen area.

Since its inception, Mercury Translations has grown into one of the most reliable and dynamic translation service providers in the international market.

We look forward to this continuing for the next 24 years and beyond.

What we do offer

  • 24 years experience of translating complex documents
  • Best translators and reviewers in the industry
  • 3 pricing plans each tailored for a specific translation’s need
  • Compliance with the standard for quality management ISO 17100: 2015
  • Computer assisted translations (CAT) systems to improve consistency and accuracy
  • European, Middle East and Asian languages
  • Fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines
  • Optimized daily capacity for large multilingual projects with tight deadlines
  • Stringent standards of confidentiality & data security protection

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