Advertising translations in the era of globalization

The goal of an advertising message is to be an effective communication that stimulates the customer to purchase the advertised product or service.

Advertising translation (also called creative translation, or transcreation) is a specific type of translation that deals with translating an advertising message or text into another language.

The difficulty of this process lies in the fact that the translator must remain faithful to the message that must be communicated while also ensuring that the message maintains the same communicative effectiveness in the target language.
This difficulty increases as we move away from the culture of origin of the message we want to translate.


The characteristics of advertising translation

The advertising translation process comprises four steps:

  1. Language
    Target language
  2. Audience
    The type of audience to which the advertising message is addressed
  3. Culture
    The cultural context in which the message will be disseminated
  4. Emotion
    The emotional/sentimental aspects that are conveyed by the advertising message


In order for the advertising message to maintain its communicative effectiveness, all four elements must be taken into account and correctly managed by the translator.


Transcreation and copywriting

In order for advertising texts to maintain the same communicative effectiveness as the source language in the target language, they must apply a type of translation known as “transcreation”.

Transcreation (a term created by the union of translation + creation) is a type of translation that combines linguistic activity on the one hand, and the creative capacity to recreate the communicative effectiveness of the original text on the other, making it fluid, elegant, and easy to read for the end user.

In cases where the source text does not lend itself to a creative translation, or creative text must be created from scratch, we have multilingual copywriters able to provide high quality advertising texts in line with the customer’s requirements.

Creative translation Original creation
Advertising translator +

Copywriter (reviewer)

Type of text
  • Advertising text
  • Payoff
  • Slogan, headline
  • Advertising text
  • Payoff
  • Slogan, headline


Expertise areas

fashion advertising translations food & wine translations
Food & Wine
jewelry advertising translations  watches advertising translations

What we do offer

  • 25 years experience translating advertising and promotional material
  • Best advertising translators and multilingual copywriters in the industry
  • Premium pricing plan (including 3 levels of quality assurance checks)
  • European, Middle East and Asian languages
  • Fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines

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