The wine sector is one of the leading sectors of the Italian economy, as an expression of the rich variety of wine products of the territory.
The opening of new markets, in particular the Far East (China and Japan with + 26% and + 10% compared to 2016 (*), Russia (+ 43%) and Brazil (+ 60%!!), and requests an increase on the part of the consolidated markets such as the USA, Germany and England (+ 1.7%, + 1.3% and + 2.7% respectively), requires producers to make increasingly important investments in multilingual advertising and marketing.


Transmitting the culture of wine

The difficulties encountered in the translation for the wine sector, do not concern only the technical terminology and the jargon of the sector, but the ability to transmit to the recipient of the message, all the culture linked to the production of wine, the territory, its history, local customs, and the particular production methodology typical of each region.

Added to these difficulties is the absence of corresponding terms in the target language in some countries, such as the eastern ones, and not only, where a culture of wine cultivation and consumption is lacking.


Technical and promotional translation

The texts relating to the wine sector, often have a promotional character, which rightly wants to transmit the culture of wine and that of the territory.
Since there is this dual value, technical and promotional, the texts must be translated by professional mother tongue translators and resident in the country of origin, specialized in the wine sector and having at the same time a solid experience in advertising or creative translation (called “transcreation” ) (*) so that promotional texts retain their communicative effectiveness in the culture of the target language.

(*) For more information see the page on advertising translation)


Expertise areas


Technical and advertising translations for the wine-making area


Technical-scientific translations for the enology machinery area



What we offer

  • 24 years experience of translating documents in the wine expertise area
  • Best translators and multilingual copywriters in the industry
  • Standard Plus pricing plan (including 2-level quality assurance checks)
  • European, Middle East and Asian languages
  • Fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines


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