Total quality, a journey that never ends

The skills and expertise we have acquired in the translation industry form the basis of our professional approach.
An approach that combines a wealth of qualities, each of which brings you tangible benefits, ranging from the outstanding quality of our translations to our quest to develop new services that anticipate emerging customer needs.

This depth and breadth of experience ensures our services meet and exceed the most demanding quality standards.

Since our inception, we have built a team of the best translators and expert reviewers in the industry.
We also use state-of-the-art CAT technology and have multiple levels of quality assurance to ensure documents are accurate, compliant and a precise translation of the original.

Best translators & reviewers

Our translators & reviewers have all been carefully selected for their experience, ability and knowledge of specific terminology and its context.
This ensures that the documents we produce communicate the exact meaning intended, and not merely a word-for-word interpretation.
As a result there’s no risk of ambiguity or misunderstanding, and you have the confidence knowing your documents are consistent and precisely worded.

Three quality assurance review stages

After a translated document is produced it goes three stages of accuracy and quality checks.
This includes the translator’s own read through, a quality check by our review team and finally an additional review by an independent reviewer.

1) Proofreading by the translator (consistency of terminology, correct spelling)
2) In-house proofreading (document completeness, consistency of terminology in relation to customised glossaries, correct spelling, syntax and grammar)
3) External review (source to target comparison, technical terminology and style)

Computer assisted translation

At Mercury we also harness the latest CAT (computer assisted translation) technology. Rather than merely a time saving application, our software reinforces the accuracy and quality of our translations.
It also offers an additional layer of reassurance that every document we produce is precise in its meaning and is legally binding in its translated language.

Quality certification

Our quality assurance process is compliant to the international standard ISO 17100:2015, developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Confidentiality & Data security

At Mercury we take confidentiality & data security very seriously.
For more information on the steps we take to ensure your documents remain confidential and secure, read further on Confidentiality page.

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