If you need to send us sensitive or confidential documents by e-mail, you can use our public encryption key.
You can use the key to encrypt your whole message (including any attached documents), thus ensuring full protection for the data it contains.
If you have never used an encryption key system before, please contact us by means of our contact form or phone us on +39 (030) 24.52.638.

Key validation

Before you use another party’s public key, it is a good idea to validate it.

Check that the “fingerprint” of the key you have received coincides with the one given by the key’s owner (in our case, you can check the fingerprint in the section below).

Once you have made sure that the two fingerprints coincide, you can go ahead and sign the sender’s public key using your own private key.

Details of Mercury’s public key

User ID: Mercury Translations <translate @ mercury-online. com>
Key ID: 0x9D4F0C47
Type of Key: RSA
Valid until: 15/07/2022
Key length: 2048 bits
Key fingerprint: 9E8E 68B2 1006 298A 0201 AE6C 5C1F 274A 9D4F 0C47


To download our public encryption key, please follow the link: Mercury public key


For any further information, please contact us

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