Multilingual web marketing

Multilingual web marketing to compete in the global marketplace

Nowadays, the promotion of a brand, product or service must go hand in hand with the communication possibilities offered by the Internet, especially considering its fast dissemination rate and above all low production and management costs compared to traditional channels (media, printed paper).

Furthermore, according to statistics from the major international web marketing agencies (January 2018, see infographic below), the number of users connected to the Internet constantly grows every year (in 2018 + 7% compared to 2017), with social networks taking the lion’s share ( in 2018 + 13% compared to 2017).

For a company that wants to promote its brand, products or services both locally and internationally, having a well-organized and well-defined presence on the different platforms and tools provided by the Internet is paramount.




Our services

1) Web design

An organized presence must firstly be based on a professional company website able to create brand awareness, show a company’s history, its products or services, and above all the people behind the scenes that manage and make the company grow.

Through partnerships with prestigious local and international web agencies, Mercury Translations offers professional web design services for mobile-ready website (tablets and smartphones), mainly on the popular content management platform WordPress.

  • Web design services for responsive corporate websites on WordPress platform


2) Multilingual SEO

seoWhen designing a new website, it is necessary to plan, analyze and optimize all the resources that can have an impact on its ranking in the most popular search engines. This ensures that the site can be ranked among the first pages of the search results, so that your website can be easily found.

This branch of website design is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are many optimization procedures to consider, which range from the correct use of keywords within a page’s content, to the loading speed of the website’s pages, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to generate qualified traffic towards your website.

Thanks to a SEO specialist network in different countries, Mercury Translations offers the following services:

  • Basic SEO assessment
  • In-depth SEO assessment
  • Identification of the weak points of the site’s SEO settings and subsequent optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to increase visitor traffic to your site
  • Registration and ranking verification in the most popular search engines and relative monitoring of the ranking achieved
  • Visitor traffic analysis (via Google Analytics)
Main search engines


3) Multilingual Content and Email Marketing

A good strategy for creating brand awareness is generating quality content (content marketing) through a company website’s blog or other channels such as case studies or ebooks.

Another very effective tool is Email Marketing, which consists in sending promotional messages via email in a targeted manner, for example for informative campaigns on specific topics, or on a regular basis such as with a company newsletter to keep both customers and prospects, updated about the latest news related to your products or services.

Mercury Translations provides the following services related to Content and Email Marketing:

  • Multilingual copywriting for the creation of advertising/promotional or informative texts
  • Content creation campaigns for blogs, and measurement of the relative results (Google Analytics)
  • Creation and management of informative and promotional messages via email


4) Multilingual Social Marketing

Social networks have become the main tool for promoting products/services thanks to the huge number of people who regularly use them.

According to the most recent statistics (January 2018, see infographic below) there are 2 billion registered users on Facebook alone! YouTube is in second place with 1.5 billion users, closely followed by the main instant messaging platforms (Whatsapp, Messenger, WeChat and QQ).



Mercury Translations provides the following services in relation to Social Marketing:

  • Multilingual content creation campaigns for the most popular social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Measurement of results using analytic tools (Google Analytics and others)


What we do offer

  • 24 years’ experience in multilingual web marketing
  • Best translators, reviewers and copywriters in the industry
  • An international network of the best web design, SEO and social marketing experts
  • Three pricing plans, each tailored to a specific need
  • European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages
  • Fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines


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