A document’s importance depends on its use.

For example,  an R&D  department, when developing a new product, needs to check research papers and publications in foreign languages. These may need to be translated into their native language.

As these documents are used only for information purposes and for internal use, a standard quality assurance check may be enough.

On the other hand, a legal department that needs to translate a corporate agreement, with highly specific legal concepts and terms, needs a translation with an exceptional level of accuracy.

For these and other scenarios, Mercury offers three different pricing plans to meet the requirements of every document.


Our standard price plan  is for documents that need to be translated only for information purposes (e.g. scientific research papers and publications, patents, prior art and state of the art searches).

Target departments: R&D, Intellectual Property

Standard plus

Standard plus plan is for documents to be published and require an accurate translation (e.g. brochures, financial annual reports, marketing material, patents, user manuals).

Target departments: Accounting & Finance, Intellectual Property, Marketing, Technical


Premium pricing is for documents requiring exceptional quality assurance checks (e.g. contracts, legal agreements, patent litigation papers). This avoids the risk of meaning being left open to interpretation and legal rights put in jeopardy.

Target departments: Intellectual Property, Legal

Services included in each level:


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