Article 1

We ask you to read and accurately follow instructions in Project Manager handoff e-mail.

Article 2

We ask you to follow reference material/Glossary if provided.
If not, we ask you to carry out all relevant search on and offline.
In case you were not sure about the translation of a technical term, we ask you to raise any relevant query before delivering the translation.

Article 3
Quality assurance

The translation carried out by translator, must be accurate and free of the following mistakes:

  1. In case of legal translations, misinterpretations of legal concepts
  2. Omissions (words not translated)
  3. Misinterpretations (translate the opposite of what is written in the original text)
  4. Inconsistent terminology (same terms translated in different ways)
  5. Misspellings
  6. In case of patents and patent oppositions, item’s identification numbers (missing or incorrect)

In the event of mistakes, translator agrees to make the necessary follow-up corrections at his/her own expense.

If work performed under this contract is not suitable for delivery to the customer, Mercury can demand the cancelation of the contract or in case translator is responsible for the damages, Mercury may claim damages because of non-adherence to the contract. This does not exclude other claims for damages.

If during proofreading, serious mistakes (omissions, misinterpretations) are found out, a percentage between 10 and 50% (depending on the severity and number of errors) shall be deducted from the total amount invoiced by translator.

Article 4
Certified translation

In case of legal and patent translations, and of a first assignment, a certification on translation’s accuracy shall be required.

Article 5

Any aspect of this agreement not expressly regulated herein shall be governed by the legislation in force in Italy. In the event of any dispute, the Court of Brescia shall exercise jurisdiction, right of recourse to all other courts provided for in law being waived.

Article 6
Reference legislation

The execution of this contract is governed by the Italian Civil Code and other legal provisions (including EU legislation) in force when the contract was concluded, inasmuch as it is not expressly regulated by the provisions set out above.

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